Wednesday, August 28, 2013


After having spent close to a lifetime of experiences and still awaiting more, I agree with Buddha. There is in fact a lot of suffering in this world. As one of my brilliant friend, a senior from engineering college proclaims,  "Manushya ke jeevan mein bahut kasht hain". The principle of attraction hardly matters in this regard as this suffering is of a different level and does not concern itself with the day to day sufferings of having say meeting daily needs or achieving materialistic goals in life. What Buddha talks about is the process of having to go through the sorrow and happiness cycle in life. We are caught in this vicious cycle to which there seems to be no escape. Happiness as also mentioned earlier, is also a sad state to be in as it arises out of attachment. Although I am still contemplating on whether every happiness is followed by sadness and vice versa, but I believe there also exists a state of more happiness than sorrow for some people. Although, these people have definitely made themselves unattached towards certain emotions which gives them this advantage otherwise there is an equal amount of sadness and happiness if seen objectively. I say objectively because certain people have a habit of focusing more on a particular kind and this is individualistic and therefore can not be discussed here.

I am working on this post to make it a little less confusing. I wonder why writings of infamous authors are claimed confusing while those by famous ones are accepted as difficult passages for competitive exams. 

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